TOKYO SUPERCAR DAY 2019、開催場所のご案内

TOKYO SUPERCAR DAY 2019は、第46回東京モーターショー2019内にて開催されます。

「TOKYO SUPERCAR DAY 2019 スーパーカー展示エリア」(10/2 一部改訂)

(1)ビッグサイト・南展示棟 4階 ホール3(会期中常設、約15~20台)


(4)石と光の広場(10/30(水)31(木)・ビッグサイト Special Exhibition、20~30数台)※見学無料

TOKYO SUPERCAR DAY 2019 will be held at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019.
There will be an indoor / outdoor exhibition, demo cars / owner's cars exhibition and several other contents.
The following shows the exhibition location, period, and number.
* (Number) indicates a circled number on the MAP

''TOKYO SUPERCAR DAY 2019 Supercar Exhibition Area ''

(1) Big Sight, South Exhibition Hall, 4th Floor, Hall 3 (permanent during the exhibition, 10 to 20 cars)
(2) Open road (permanent during the exhibition, several cars) * Free tour
(3) Drive park (permanent during the exhibition period, several cars) * Free tour

(3) Drive park (10/25 (Fri) pm, Fabio Meeting, dozens of cars) * Free tour
(4) Stone and Light Square (10/30 (Wed), 31 (Thu), Big Sight Special Exhibition, more than 10) * Free tour